FranChampion Continues to Provide Exceptional Value to Franchisors

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Why Choose Us?

1. Family-Type Atmosphere

We are not a huge firm that takes on dozens of clients in order to support an extensive infrastructure. We derive great satisfaction from helping small companies grow into what their owners envision. We do this buy treating each of our clients as family, walking them through every step of the process, assisting them in their growth initiatives, and providing long-term counsel and support. Limiting our client numbers allows us to follow this philosophy and give each member the attention they deserve.

2. Sales Expertise

Our expertise in franchise sales separates us from almost every other franchise consulting firm. The reason many do not handle the sales is because it is the most difficult aspect of assisting franchises. While there are a multitude of firms that can help you with everything you need to begin franchising, there are very few that help you grow into a large, international franchise system. Our proven sales systems and techniques will quickly grow your franchise into a royalty-producing machine.

3. Full Menu of Services

Whether you are an established franchise needing to reinvigorate sales, or a fledging company with dreams of franchising, our menu of services allows you to pick and choose only what you feel you need. Our firm is well–versed in every aspect of the franchising process, and depending on what stage of development you find your company, you are certainly welcome to utilize only the pertinent services you require.

4. Honesty and Integrity

Our firm prides itself on conducting business the right way, with full transparency and honesty. We will not compromise our values and ideals for any relationship or deal, no matter how profitable. We tell it like it is, good or bad, and like to ensure open and free lines of communication with our clients. We take a long-term, strategic view in all the decisions we make as we firmly believe this leads to sustainable and lasting successes. We will be a Champion for your brand!

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