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ranChampion is the ultimate source for getting your franchise off of the ground, developing an existing franchise, or broadening the scope of what your franchise offers. We have a wide variety of services that cover just about every aspect of starting a franchise, owning a franchise, and expanding a franchise, to make it easy to get the help, training, and support you need.

As a trusted franchise consulting firm, we are committed to helping you succeed. If you are having trouble getting your franchise started or are not getting the sales that you want or need to stay afloat, we can help. Our service areas include:

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Training for Franchise Management

Not everyone is born knowing how to manage a franchise. If you are thinking of starting a franchise but you want more information about how that franchise works and your role as the manager, our training program will definitely help.

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Development and Implementation

Developing a franchise is different from developing just about any other kind of business. While many of the tenants are the same, developing and implementing a franchise program isn’t easy. We’ll make sure you have the tools you need.

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Best Practice Reviews and Audits

If you have an established franchise organization, nothing is more important than making sure it is being run properly and that your staff are adhering to the right work processes and customer service guidelines. We look at the details and the big picture of your franchise and make sure everything is in its proper place.

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Sales and Marketing

One of the biggest problems most franchise owners have is sales and marketing. Where do you market? How do you improve your sales? What do you do if you are not selling enough or not selling fast enough? We have the training and the support to walk you through solutions to these problems.

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Legal/Compliance Assistance

We coordinate all legal requirements necessary to complete your government-mandated franchise disclosure documents, as well as all franchise agreements, both domestically and internationally. While we are not attorneys, we have long-term relationships with world-class franchise counsel.

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International Growth

Expanding your franchise program overseas is a big step. If you don’t already have a foothold in another country, it can be difficult to make sure you are following the law, are adhering to appropriate regulations, and are using the right sales and marketing techniques.

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Other Services

Just as you do not limit yourself, we do not limit ourselves to a certain set menu of franchise consulting services. We are ready, willing, and able to take on just about any franchise-related problem.

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